Essential Benefits Should Know About Facebook Advertising

Take this as a warning! You can’t grow your business until you prefer the right medium for marketing. Accelerate, Facebook stills rocks the floor!

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms that allow you to reach new audiences. There are several statistics that would amend the way you think about marketing your business on Facebook. Well, we have brought you a good mixture of statistics that show how beneficial the Facebook advertising is.

• 76% of facebook users visit the platform daily.
• On average, the users access Facebook about 8 times daily.
• An average user spends about 50 minutes on Facebook every day.
• Over 5 million businesses use Facebook advertising to attract the target market
• 94% of marketers use Facebook for promoting their clients’ businesses.

As you explore these statistics, you might have understood the influence that Facebook has in promoting a business. Now, let us discover the benefits of Facebook Advertising.

Geo Target Your Audience: 

Facebook has a diplomatic option, which lets you find your target audience. By inserting “tracking pixel” into pages, you can easily target your ideal customers. With Facebook advertising campaign, you will be shown where you should be shown.

Low Marketing Expenses:  

Social media ask you very little when compared to other traditional advertising. With two charging methods CPM and CPC that Facebook provides, you can choose one as per the type of marketing you are doing.

High Exposure: 

Facebook is an active platform which gets you a number of the impressions all the time from anywhere around you. Undoubtedly, a giant of social media, Facebook holds an abundance of active accounts. Hence it returns high exposure to your business.

Find New Qualified Leads: 

Facebook has a feature called “Lookalike Audiences” which lets your audience become cloned. This feature works by doubling your audience based on the target audience you have included in your campaign. This generates new qualified leads.

Extensive Organic Reach: 

If you think Facebook is good only for paid reach, you are wrong! It’s quite sad to know that Facebook has reduced the visibility of business feeds, but with the right usage of strategies, you can gain organic reach as equally as paid reach.

Fastest Accomplishment: 

One of the reasons why marketers spend their money on Facebook is that, it gains you a wide reach in a very short span of time. Unlike other platforms, which usually take days to pass the information on, Facebook takes minutes to do this action.

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