20 Profitable Niches with Low Competition [2018] – Broad Perspective with the Right Keywords

A blogger has to write down the niche ideas before he starts a website. In making online profit from various affiliate sources, the niche chosen makes a big difference. If you are an expert in “endoscopy test”, knowledge about gastric disorders, stomach ulcers, and tummy problems is a piece of cake.

In essence if you want to find income making niches, they are available in all types of fields. Many of the old bloggers still brag about Insurance, but I still believe in Cat food and Street fights also make popular niches, as long as you find the right keywords with less competition.

The list of 20 profitable niches with low competition to rank in Google (in no particular order) are –

  1. Insurance Agents
  2. Health Promotion
  3. Current Computer Technology
  4. US Entertainment News
  5. Fashion Guide
  6. Internet Video Marketing
  7. Mobile App Design Development
  8. Viral Video Ideas
  9. Technical Analysis
  10. Home and Family Beauty Tips
  11. Celebrity Street Style
  12. Creative Writing Blogs
  13. Recent Headlines
  14. Basic Computer Troubleshooting
  15. Online Video Editor
  16. Interior Design Tips
  17. Smart Home Standards
  18. Fused Deposition Modeling
  19. Mountain Climbing Movies
  20. Largest CrowdFunding

If you want to make this profitable niches a more lucrative money making model you have to find stats related to these topics. The surrounding, semantic and related keywords are the key in making these niches profitable ones.

How to Analyze Niches that have High Efficiency and Produce Effective Results with Minimal Effort

Out of the 20 profitable niches, we cannot undermine their importance of keyword research. Even other topics like “downloadable utilities” have got good opportunity in earning potential and give the benefit of user psychology.

Generally tech users who are inclined to solve their problem are looking to see a fix-one-all solution. In that range, the above kind of niche is a tantrum for many bloggers to attract visitor to their blogs and convert them into good sales.

On the other side, if the visitor clicks a “download” utility and finds that it is very costly, he may shun away from the purchase.

Just use the plain Google Keyword Planner tool from Google Ads platform and find the relevant keywords for “downloadable utilities” which is a profitable niche for many. There are about 457 keyword ideas.

If you rank them competition, the list will be as below.

One of the keyword “glary utilities portable” has a volume of 2,900, $0 cpc and zero competition.

Now the big question is to be asked?

Is this a profitable keyword or topic?

Since you have good number of searches for a few developed States (I have limited the search to US, CANADA, AUS etc kind of coutries), the volume is not a total figure of the world.

But it depends on you how you make this topic a profitable one!

If you are just looking to monetize the traffic on Adsense, you may not reach your goal. But you are looking to make affiliate commissions or sell ebook related to “Glary Utilities”, I think this is a profitable niche with less spend on adwords advertisement.

How to use SEMrush to Dwell Deep into Profitable Niches?

Let’s take another profitable niche with low completion (according to Keyword Planner tool). Just as a random topic we take “Technical Analysis”. Just input this niche in the SEMrush “Keyword Overview” feature.

One thing we can conclude that this niche has a good CPC (Cost Per Click) distribution for

  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Australia
  • United Kindgom

and many others.

This gives an overview on how we can promote our niche in various countries for better profitability. On the other side, we had countries like India, Pakistan and Thailand but with huge traffic, the amount of conversions would not result in high revenue. https://www.semrush.com/features/

It is always helpful to concentrate on high CPC keywords which have low competition (so you may bid at low level and get maximum traffic and returns).

From the “phrase match keywords” we can see a keyword “ethereum technical analysis” which has a CPC of $48.88 and a traffic of 260.

If you can dwell deep into this type of topic by clicking the keyword, a related keyword report shows the following.

All of these keywords are having good google trends, high CPC and low competition.

How to make use of Google Adsense to find the Niches that Convert into Benefit?

First let’s see the list Adsense money making niches in 2018, which decide your CPC and CTR. A tech visitor may not be interested in clicking health and art ideas compared to a heart patient. Similarly users from United States are more interested in these type of categories –

  1. Apparel
  2. Beauty & Personal Care
  3. Arts & Entertainment
  4. Family & Community
  5. Home & Garden

But if the blog traffic is mainly coming from India, SriLanka, Pakistan and Indonesia they are more inclined to click on ads related to –

  1. Computers & Consumer Electronics
  2. Internet & Telecom
  3. Mobile App Utilities
  4. Real Estate
  5. Jobs & Education

How to Use Twitter as a Profitable Niche Tool to gain Insights into Related topics

The Trends picture in Twitter in various countries shows the latest hot topics. If there are any niches that are coming out with lots of traffic and are not that much difficult to crack on Google, you can concentrate on them.

For example, “Tulane” is a keyword which is having 4545 tweets at the time of writing.

When I put this word in the SEMrush tool, I can see the various topics that rotate about it.

Since it just starts to roll out on the Internet, there are 105 phrase match keywords and 57 related keywords.

The following are some of the topics like –

  1. Tulane university
  2. Edward Tulane
  3. The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane
  4. Tulane greek life
  5. Tulane school of music
  6. Tulane university new Orleans
  7. Tulane university gpa

The list of 20 profitable niches is only like an oasis in the desert.

My Insights as a Blogger

In my view every niche is profitable as long as you find the right keywords to target. But if you don’t have any expertise to write content, make videos, images and include fresh views than any profitable niche can kick back.

In a summary, you need to use tools like SEMrush to find out the relevance of the topics inside the niche. A tough niche like mobile app design development can be made into a profitable one by taking the help of keywords like mobile app developers, app making companies and put your new oil to burn the latest engines.

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